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Set default values for fields or controls – Access

Set default values for fields or controls. In the Default Value property box, type the following: [control_name].ItemData(n) In this case, control_name is the name of the list box or combo box control, and n is the number of …

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Techopedia explains Default Values – Database When creating a database table in systems such as Oracle or SQL Server, an option to specify a default value is available. This separates database design issues from the front-end application.

Default value expressions (C# Programming Guide

Default value expressions are particularly useful in generic classes and methods. One issue that arises using generics is how to assign a default value of a parameterized type T when you don’t know the following in advance:. Whether T is a reference type or a value type.; If T is a value type, whether it’s a numeric value or a struct.; Given a variable t of …

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Use the default value expression to produce the default value of a type, as the following example shows: int a = default(int); Beginning with C# 7.1, you can use the default literal to initialize a variable with the default value of its type:

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The default value for the char type is the character equivalent of zero and false for the bool type. The object and string types have a default value of null , representing a null reference that literally is one that does not refer to any object.

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A default, in computer science, refers to the preexisting value of a user-configurable setting that is assigned to a software application, In Fortran, the INIT parameter on a declaration defines an initial default value for that variable. In operating systems

HTML DOM Input Text defaultValue Property

The defaultValue property sets or returns the default value of a text field. Note: The default value is the value specified in the HTML value attribute. The difference between the defaultValue and value property, is that defaultValue contains the default value, while value contains the current value

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SQL DEFAULT Constraint. The DEFAULT constraint is used to provide a default value for a column. The default value will be added to all new records IF no other value is specified.

PostgreSQL: Documentation: 10: 5.2. Default Values

If no default value is declared explicitly, the default value is the null value. This usually makes sense because a null value can be considered to represent unknown data. In a table definition, default values are listed after the column data type.